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A Drift of Quills for February 2020

Reblogged from Patricia Reding, Author, Press Release:


Hello, all!

This month we Quills are back to one of our favorite types of posts. That is, we will share some new flash fiction tales with you. (Here is a quick link to a page identifying where you can find our prior stories.)


This time, P.S. Broaddus, aka Parker, author of A Hero's Curse, chose the picture for which we would each create a story. When I first saw the pic, the word "whimsey" came to mind. You'll see how I made use of it. In the meantime, let's see what Parker and Robin have for us! 




Parker? Off you go!


Welcome to Sky

by P.S. Broaddus

Copyright P.S. Broaddus 2020


"My dad could eat your dad."

"Not if he can't catch him first."

"He's one of the best fliers we have!"

"He still can't outfly my dad. No cat can outfly a bird."

"Bet I could outfly you."

"Not a chance."

The nestling and the kitten eyed each other. The kitten broke the terse silence. "I'm Starbucks. I was named after-"

"I'm Boeing!" The nestling interrupted. "I was named after the fastest flying machines of the old gods."

Starbucks huffed. "As I was saying before you interrupted me, I was named after the elite fuel of the old gods.


(Readers, be sure to follow the link for the rest of Parker's story.)


Now, Robin Lythgoe, author of As the Crow Flies, has something for us. Take it away, Robin!


Learning to Fly
by Robin Lythgoe
Copyright Robin Lythgoe, 2020

Striped Chasca, Seventeenth of the beloved and revered Fluffy, picked her way delicately down the garden path. She held her ears up, chin at a haughty angle, and let only the very tip of her tail twitch—just the way she’d seen the senior members of the clan do. Every dozen steps or so, she paused to preen, using the opportunity to sneak backward glances at her magnificent wings.

(Again, readers, be sure to follow the link for the rest of the story.)
And now, it's my turn! Coming in at 970+ words, title and all ...
Huckleberry's Whimsey Day
by Patricia Reding
Copyright Patricia Reding 2020
His muscles aching and his wings tattered, Huckleberry tumbled through the air, his four legs akimbo, before finally righting himself. Looking down, he spotted a branch below, largely clear of brush. He aimed for it, confident that like all kittens, he would indeed land on his feet.

Keeping his knees loose, his paws touched. He bounced up, and then aimed yet again for another, even clearer branch, just below. On arrival, he teetered. Regaining his balance, he heaved in a deep breath in an effort to still his wildly beating heart. All the while, he contemplated on how his panic had added to his difficulties motoring through the air, which in turn, had resulting in his landing here—quite less than gracefully.
Again, be sure to follow the link for the rest of the story.
That's it for this time around. Please stop by again soon!
Reblogged from C. P. Lesley:

And because I do write my own novels, too, here's a quick look at the scene where the heroine meets the hero (although of course, they don't know that yet).



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Ushering in 2020

Reblogged from C. P. Lesley:

I make New Year's resolutions only for writing, but if you'd like to know what I'll be up to next year, you can find a short list in this week's blog post.